How to use our applicators ?

Don’t know how to use our applicator ? Don’t panic, here are two videos showing you how it works.

Is it possible to fill in again the devices ?

Of course, our smart applicator is refillable. If your customers have enjoyed their capsules to the last, you can sell them flavour refills.
Find out more about our refill packs here.

Applicator maintenance and cleaning

The capsules are stuck together inside the applicator and you can no longer insert them correctly ? The best solution is to empty the device and clean it with water. A capsule has probably broken off inside the applicator. After cleaning, once the applicator is completely dry, you can put all the intact capsules back inside.

Safety rules

Our capsules are food grade, so you can eat them and use it as a mouth freshener. It is recommended not to consume more than 20 capsule a day. You can insert one or two capsules each time.